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The remote environment is complex with many idiosyncrasies. Here at Last Rocket Home, we are your 1-stop shop for all things Remote. Helping to ensure that your start-up, business or Human Resources department is holistically equipped to effectively operate and support your remote employees.

Meet the founder

Founded by visionary and remote work advocate, Erika Dietrick, our company is dedicated to making the remote world a better place. Erika, a Durham and US-based digital nomad, founded Last Rocket Home in April 2022.

Our products

The remote work product library offers a diverse collection of tools and resources designed to connect your remote or hybrid team. From onboarding checklists and virtual event guides, to project management software and collaboration platforms, to ergonomic furniture and recommended work perks, we’ve got you covered.

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Fractional Employee Engagement

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The Remote Development Coaching Program

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Morale + Retention Booster

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Public relations

Erika's thought leadership extends far and wide, as she has been invited to share her insights on various remote work topics on prestigious podcasts, conferences, and universities. Her captivating speaking engagements have inspired countless individuals to embrace the remote work lifestyle and unlock their full potential.


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Dillon Partin

Managing Director of QL TechWorks

I really appreciated the way you were able to look at our needs, you know, and cover the culture of remote leadership; but then also knowing that we were looking for tools to make that work as well. Having that combination of both, kind of the seminar side of it, and then the real world tools you can use - that was perfect for us. And I really look forward to doing it again in the future when we're larger already using those tools.

Jennifer Vickery

Program Manager Intern at Palo Alto Networks

Erika is a leader by nature. She helped me go from minimal knowledge in my role to being comfortable running meetings and doing research on my own. I gained fantastic organization skills being her mentee and am still using the note taking methods I learned to this day. She is also great at adapting her teaching for the person. I needed a lot of shadowing experience and someone to bounce ideas off to feel comfortable in my role, and she was always willing and supportive.

Sean Fitzpatrick

Junior Developer at QL TechWorks

It's very easy to get super comfortable with the technology that you've used for so long, but being able to see like an actual demo, how you can integrate them and how much easier it would make things - that was cool.